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Philo offers both live and on-demand streaming TV options for a pretty low price tag. After a seven-day free trial, $25/month will get you 60+ channels of everything from BBC America to the Food Network and unlimited DVR storage. Philo allows for up to 10 profiles on one account and up to three simultaneous streams.

Looking for even more channel options? There are add-on options like Epix and Starz for an additional fee. While Philo offers plenty of lifestyle, and both national and international news channels, the platform is lacking local affiliates and sports options. Philo is available on Roku devices, Amazon Fire devices, Apple TV, Android smart TVs, LG smart TVs and web browsers. To learn more, visit

Signing Up
  • Visit and click Start Free Trial.
  • Enter your phone number or email address and payment information.
  • Click Subscribe.
  • Depending on the information provided, a link will either be texted or emailed to you. Click the Confirm Sign-up button provided.
Downloading the Philo App
  • From your Roku home screen, select Search
  • Type Philo to locate the app and select Philo from the search results
  •  Select Add Channel. When the install is complete, select OK.
  • Then either select Go to Channel or return to the home screen to launch the app
Amazon Fire TV
  • Choose Search from the Amazon home screen and search for Philo. 
  • For Fire TV devices with the updated home screen, go to Find, then select Search
  • Select Philo from the Apps & Games section
  • Select Get to download and install the Philo app
  • Once the install completes, select Open to launch the app
Android TV
  • Open the Google Play Store app from the home screen
  • Go to the search bar and enter Philo 
  • Select the fuboTV app, then select Install to download and install
  • Once the install completes, select Open to launch the app
Apple TV
  • From the Apple TV Home screen, select the App Store
  • Go to Search, then press the Voice button and say "Philo"
  • Select Install 
  • Wait for your Apple TV to finish installing Philo, then select Open
  • From the LG home screen, select Search
  • Search for fuboTV, then highlight and select the app
  • Select Install.
  • Once the download is complete, select Launch, then sign in to start streaming
Making Changes to Your Account
If You’d Like to Cancel Your Subscription:
  • From a supported web browser, visit and make sure you’re signed in.
  • Visit the Account page and at the bottom of the page, click Cancel My Account.
  • To confirm, click Submit Cancellation. You’ll be able to continue watching until the end of the billing period.
If You’d Like to Remove Add-Ons:
  • From a supported web browser, visit and make sure you’re signed in.
  • Visit the Account page.
  • Select Remove next to the channel package you’d like to cancel. You’ll be able to continue watching until the end of the billing period.
How to Surf Live Channels
  • Use the Guide tab at the top of the screen to explore live TV options.
  • Use the directional pad on your remote to scroll up and down to look at available channels.
  • Scroll right to explore upcoming titles.
  • Click to select and start watching.
How to Control Live TV
  • To pause content, press >II. To play, press >II again.
  • To go back 10 seconds, click <. To go forward 10 seconds, click > (note that this is only an option if you have previously paused or rewound the title).
  • To fast forward, select >>. Depending on the chosen speed (1x, 2x, 3x), keep clicking >>.
  • To jump to the current live view, hold >>.
How to Record a Program and Use Cloud DVR
  • From a Show Profile, select + to start recording a title. All future airings of that title will be recorded and titles will be deleted after one year.
  • To later stop recording a title, deselect +.
  • To view saved titles, navigate to the Saved tab. Select a title to start watching.
How To Find On-Demand Programming
  • The Home Screen will adapt to your viewing preferences over time, showing you in-progress titles under Keep Watching, Saved Shows and viewing suggestions.
  • Selecting a network will display what’s popular from that channel, as well as current live viewing options.
  • Selecting a show will bring up the Show Profile. Here you can see available episodes, episode descriptions and options to save to your DVR.
  • Looking for something in particular? Use the search feature to track it down.
How To Add or Switch User Profiles
  • From the Home Page, select the Profile Icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select Add Profile and click the + icon.
  • Enter a name for the profile, select an avatar and click Finished.
  • To switch profiles, select the Profile Icon and then click Switch Profiles.
  • Select the profile you wish to switch to.
How To Delete a User Profile
  • From the Home Page, select the Profile Icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click Switch Profile.
  • Click and hold the profile icon you wish to delete.
  • Click Delete This Profile.
  • Click Delete Profile to confirm.