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Cable boxes, antennas, and satellite dishes can clutter your space and drain your bank account. Separate costs for TV and internet add up over time, but Marshmallow Streaming will help you centralize these services. We provide solutions to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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We’ll help you find simple and reliable wireless Internet connection for all of your household needs.
From live TV to on-demand movies, we’ll set you up with the best devices and services for your lifestyle.
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Our co-founder’s wife suggested the name. It was inspired by the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment where students were taught delayed gratification. In the experiment, students were told they could eat a single marshmallow now or have 3 marshmallows if they waited 15 minutes. The concept of delayed gratification contributed to the students’ successes later in life. They learned patience and hard work yielded rewards. This embodies the work we do, too. The savings we find for our customers grows over time and will continue to grow as our services and solutions mature.
Streaming is watching live TV and other content over an internet connection. This means that you can watch news, sports, shows, and movies live and at a fraction of the cost of cable or satellite TV.
Sure will! Our job is to find the right streaming service for your lifestyle, so you’ll get all your favorite channels and the ability to record and watch them later.
You’ll have a monthly bill for internet service and any streaming services subscriptions. We make sure there won't be any hidden fees, taxes, and absolutely no rental equipment charges.
Nope. We charge a one-time, upfront cost for our solutions.
We provide free customer support to ensure you get the most use out of your devices including troubleshooting any products we install. We can help either remotely or with an in-home visit if necessary.
That’s correct! We remove services you don’t want, negotiate better rates for the services you do want, and properly return all rental equipment so you can save big on your monthly bills.
All sales are final. We honor the manufacturer warranty on all products, so if a product purchased through our services breaks, give us a call and we’ll replace it.
Absolutely! Our Account Specialists show you how to use everything after installations are complete. You can also call, email, or text us with any questions down the line, and we’ll be ready to help.
A typical streaming solution installation takes around 3 hours. If we’re switching your internet provider or setting up brand new service, it could take closer to 4.
No, but we’re working on it! Until then, we work with existing internet providers in your area to bring you the fastest internet speeds at the right price for your household needs. This includes dealing with your current provider, switching providers, or setting up brand new internet service.